Try This: Print Something

It’s the weekend, how are you spending your free time? One thing I want to try ASAP is actually printing some of the free printables I’ve been collecting. There are so many amazing, legit resources online to print instant artwork. I’m convinced that what you spend on ink is less than ordering everything pre-made. Here are some ideas to get you started.

The free resources on heartmade blog will keep you organized in the most adorable way. I’m a visual person and I need everything laid out for me, so I’m going to try this post-it prioritizer right away! ImageAs a lifelong Georgia girl, I gotta have this “You’re a Peach!” printable from The Paper Mama. Love the different size options. ImageI learned of a site called Free Vintage Posters via Emily Clark’s blog. I’m drawn especially to the sports styles.  


(to this poster I would add  “…eyes, full hearts, can’t lose”)



Pin a little, pin a lot

When it comes to Pinterest, it seems like there are 2 camps of people: those who are addicted and those who’ve never “pinned”. I don’t think I’ve met anyone that flat out doesn’t like it. I confess that I don’t use it as often as I should. The secret boards have been great for showing ideas to design clients, but when pinning for fun I still tend to get overwhelmed. Yet, I know there’s a lot of goodness to be had. I’m learning to use it in a way that works for me, and so I thought I’d direct you to a few of my favorite pinners and boards.

Note: Crediting sources can be tricky on Pinterest. Images often get repinned many times from the original. Please click on each image to view it on Pinterest and track back to the original source!

Jan of Poppytalk: One of the first websites I followed when I got into the design blog world, the Poppytalk aesthetic is rustic and organic but with a forward-thinking edge. Jan has amazing taste, not only with an extensive amount of boards but a cohesive look running through them. Can’t recommend these boards enough! Poppytalkpoppytalkpoppytalk3

Terrain: This is among my all-time favorite online stores, and a constant resource for blog inspiration. I like that their boards feature both how-tos and product groupings. Terrain2 Terrain1 terrain3

Ez Pudewa: Once you click, say goodbye to your productivity for the rest of the day! Ez is the blogger behind Creature Comforts, one of the most prolific blogs ever, that somehow juggles both quality and quantity and never misses. Check out DIY and Freebies for enough printables to last you a lifetime, and the rest of the boards for Ez’s signature artwork and style. ez3 Ez4 ez2

House & Home: I’m not Canadian, but if I were, I’d subscribe to this magazine. Here you’ll find a wonderful selection of crisp, clean interior shots that will get you thinking about updating your home. hh1 hh3 hh2

Autumn Reeser: Autumn might be best known as Summer Roberts on the O.C., but she also has a killer style blog. A secret dream of mine would be to feature her here ;-) I love her vintage-retro pins. autumn1 autumn2 autumn3

Decorate With: Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint has caught on like wildfire. It’s SO versatile and fun to use. Everything you paint becomes a writable surface for colorful drawings and messages. With a quick erase, you can change things up to whatever you feel. We bought a quart for our apartment and have found a few different uses for it so far. A little goes a long way, and I’m here to show you many ways to use chalkboard paint!

My awesome and resourceful roomie Sarah painted a quick board right on our wall by mapping out a square with blue painter’s tape and painting inside the lines. My other talented roomie Katy had a shelf ledge lying around which she painted blue-gray and mounted right under the board. Now it holds all our chalk!

I had this rustic 8X10 open-back frame for a while and none of my photos or art looked right inside it. The muted green frame just seemed begging for a blackboard. I painted a piece of cardboard with a few coats and taped it behind the frame…done and done! It took just a few minutes. Sarah sketched this cute scene as a placeholder…my ultimate vision for the piece is this decal from the incredible  Shanna Murray.

I’m trying to be disciplined and wait for my birthday, but I don’t know if I can wait! It will look so good front and center against the black paint.

My super-talented and crafty friend Elise recently decided her 80’s fridge was in need of a makeover, so she updated it by covering it in chalkboard paint, and documented the process on her blog. Doesn’t it look fantastic…and don’t you want to be invited to their house for dinner?

I also love seeing projects with non-traditional chalkboard colors…these fun arrows come in a variety of unique colors and are perfect for special events.

So run out and grab a can, in traditional black or any color you like. Use your imagination…any object you want to be a chalkboard, just do it by decorating with chalkboard paint!

P.S. Does anyone remember the giant chalkboard wall in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s bedroom in 500 Days of Summer? His character was an architect and it was so inspiring him watching him sketch his ideas on the wall (seen here behind Zooey Deschanel). My inner allergy-sufferer tells me this is a risky idea for a bedroom, but I love the look nonetheless :)

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