Checking in + Weekend Party Plans

For the third time this month, unexpected sickness has come to me and tried to take the upper hand. It threatens to throw a wrench in everything, including blogging. I have to admit, though, being confined to my home forced me to knock out a few things on my 12 by 2012 list! I made my bedroom as peaceful, clean and organized as it could be, which put me in the right frame of mind to decorate a bit more. I even read a book cover to cover–Same Kind of Different as Me. It blew me away; I highly recommend it! Now, I’m tentatively saying that I feel better…time to put on my party hat and hit the event circuit this weekend! Here’s what’s going on…if you live in Atlanta, you should check these things out!

First off, tonight from 5-7 is a Pink Party at Gramercy Fine Linens & Furnishings! I’m a huge fan of  Gramercy, especially their stunning bedding. Tonight’s chic soiree will benefit The Doris Shaheen Breast Health Center at Piedmont Hospital.  All merchandise tonight is 20% off, with a portion of the proceeds going to this worthy cause. There will be yummy drinks, cupcakes from Highland Bakery (my favorite brunch place in all of Atlanta, btw) and fabulous giveaways. How could you stay away? Come on out tonight!

Tomorrow I’m hitting up one of my favorite gift boutiques, Peridot Distinctive Gifts, for their 23rd birthday party. I heart this shop for so many reasons: their wonderful selection of gifts (boutiques in old 2-story houses are my fave), their great customer service–23 years is longevity people–and the fact that they’re always throwing fun parties and sale events! Tomorrow all merchandise will be 23% off, there’s dinner from the Good Food Truck, Firefly drinks, bluegrass music from The Dappled Grays, styling by the adorable Ginny Branch, and a photo booth so amazing I’ve only heard hints and whispers of what it will be. RSVPs may be full at this point, but I’ll be putting on my investigative journalist hat to report back next week about all the fun festivities and the goods Peridot has to offer.

Finally, on Sunday, I’m heading to the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain Park. I missed the event last year, so I’m excited to visit for the first time. As a native Atlantan, Stone Mountain was a fixture of my childhood, and it’s the perfect backdrop for a folksy craft fair on what should be a beautiful fall day. My relationships with the handmade crafting community really got this blog off the ground, and I hope to see some familiar faces at the booths!

Feeling DIY-y

Summer reading

Hello there lovelies! Has anyone else caught the summer craft bug? As mid-summer turns to late, I’m still in a lazy hazy mood, but feeling a little more like hunkering down indoors rather than braving 100+ degree heat. I’d like to say I inherited the crafting gene from my mother, who used to teach kids how to make corn husk dolls here. But I’ll be honest–crafting is more of a deliberate process for me. I need guidance. However, I’m surrounded by friends and family, plus current and former roommates who are all amazing at everything homemade. I’ve long been wanting tobegin a new series that shares the start-to-finish process of craft projects right here on the blog! I’m using Pinterest and other blogs as my resources for ideas. I also want your input…any favorite craft projects you’ve already done, or have been DIYing (get it??) to try? I want to hear your ideas!

Wrap-a-Palooza Part 2: My Handmade Attempts

I’m back with the long-promised update of my crafty Christmas wrapping project. Ironically, though I spend my life celebrating design and decor, I’ve been the girl who stuffs all her gifts into Christmas bags with tissue. Bags were my best friend. But this year, I was determined to use some of the beautiful handmade ideas and supplies that inspire me every day. And I decided to document the whole process in photos, because I’m nothing if not able to laugh at myself! Still, after much wrestling with gift-wrap, I am happy with my finished products :)

First off, I bought even more supplies since the last time I updated you.

Most of what I wrapped were Christmas mix CDs. My first, quickest attempt was actually one of my most successful. I quickly wrapped the CDs with my favorite festive tissue paper and tied them with ribbons. I think they came out looking like bon-bons!

My ultimate vision was brown paper and baker’s twine. I decided the tissue paper could peek out of the simple brown wrapping.

One thing I did not take into account, having not bought CD cases, is that CDs are round and therefore not easy to wrap. This scary blob was my first try at wrapping.

Second attempt…ahh yes, that old familiar shape, the Christmas Hexagon, of course.

Baker’s twine and shimmery Olive Manna glitter string makes everything look better. Just don’t turn these over and look at the back. Seriously, dont!

Next, I resort back to simply wrapping them in tissue. Creature Comforts’ tags and bows help me out a lot.

A little bit of patience and steadiness pay off and the paper resembles something like a square.

A bigger square. Confession…my artistically-inclined brother basically wrapped that one for me.

A tiny tote bag, some bright mooses (meese?) and all sorts of ribbon and string find their way under the tree. And I’m done! I have enough amazing supplies to last me into next year…that’s 365 days to practice my wrapping skills, so watch out, world!