Happy Weekend! I hope you all have lots of fun stuff planned. I want to touch base with you and keep you updated on what’s ahead!

woodblocks from Letterpress Daily

First of all, open auditions for Design Star are tomorrow in Atlanta! To any aspiring TV personalities reading this, I encourage you to come on out and see if you’ve got what it takes! Even if you’re unsure, it’s bound to be a great experience and you never know where it will lead. Some of my greatest opportunities have come from those big leaps I was almost too scared to make.

Secondly, thank you all so much for participating in my series of polls on decorativity! Your answers really helped me learn about what you’re interested in, and how I should move forward. I’ve definitely been thinking on logos lately…I loved the suggestion to feature objects grouped in a nook of a room, and I also loved the idea to illuminate decorativity like an old manuscript. That was very clever, whoever you are! Brainstorming…

Finally, I couldn’t be more excited about next week on the blog! I’ll be introducing a new regular feature, and we’ve got the first artist interview of the year! This person has been one of my favorite artists for a long time, so to feature them on the blog is a dream come true. See you next week!

It’s Been a Lavish Weekend!

Hello everyone! I’m still recovering from an amazing weekend spent at lavish!, a social media conference for lifestyle bloggers. This was the first conference of its kind, and it was an experience unlike any other! I met so many fun, interesting people and felt myself supported by a huge network of like-minded bloggers, designers and entrepreneurs. We all had quite a posh time at The Mansion on Peachtree, eating and drinking delicious treats and cocktail-partying it up in the evenings. My most valuable takeaway from the experience was just the unique opportunity it afforded us: sharing a table with HGTV executives, sitting 3 feet from my idol Design*Sponge learning tools of the trade from their amazing team, and putting faces with names that I’d never otherwise get to see in person. I could go on and on, and would encourage you to check out other recaps and news on Twitter+blogs if you’re curious about lavish! But I couldn’t go without telling you all that I had a wonderful time!

Now that I’ve rested up, there will be lots of new content coming up on decorativity, including an update on my crafty gift-wrapping efforts. I told you I would keep you updated on every step of the process…can I warn you that this includes the good, the bad and the less-than-perfectly-beautiful? I mean, the finished product will be beautiful, but I teach myself crafts through trial and error! So be prepared to laugh with me as I learn. See you back here soon for decorative winter delights!

November: Moving Forward and Looking Back

Thankful Letterpressed Cards

Wow! It’s November already…hard to believe. I’m excited about this month though, it’s always been one of my favorites. Could be because it’s the month of my birth! But I also love celebrating Thanksgiving and being near family. I think you all will like what’s coming up on decorativity, too :) In the meantime, let’s recap the last month of blogy-ness, shall we:

Since our last Month at a Glance, we have been motivated to take photoslots of photos. We have explored ways to Decorate With wrapping paper and chalkboard paint. We brainstormed what to do with my blank wall, we rounded up drawer knobs, and many types of memo boards and accessories. We talked over autumn, dollhouses and the Beatles. We browsed the books on my holiday wish list and heard my cooking confessions. We celebrated balloons and pumpkins, and the Timeless Trend of birds. It was a month of connections as decorativity joined twitter, as well as the excitement of two first interviews, both learning a photographer’s Point of View and as the subject in Defining Decorativity. What a busy month…thanks, friends, for reading! You’re the reason I collapse in a happy heap after all this blogging, and not just a tired one :) On to the next!