Jonathan Adler Makes Me Smile

I think I first discovered Jonathan Adler while watching Top Design, the reality competition show on Bravo. I was charmed by his, well, charm and sense of humor. Then I found out he’s a potter, which I find to be infinitely cool. I started recognizing his work at some of my favorite local boutiques, like Heliotrope and Pieces. I own several little JA items and have featured his cheery designs on my blog before. There’s now a real live Jonathan Adler boutique on Atlanta’s Westside! If you’re feeling down, just step inside, and trust me, you’ll be re-energized. It’s sensory overload in the most fun way. While visiting one of my go-to blogs, Emily A. Clark, I was reminded of another great resource–See Jane Work. This home and office organization website has been one of my favorites for years. Their products are playful but sophisticated, and just like when I visit The Container Store, I start itching to reorganize! It just so happens that See Jane Work has a great collection of Jonathan Adler home and office items on clearance. Here are a few of my picks. Happy shopping!

I don't know why I have to have this whale eraser, I just do...I just do.
It may be February already, but at just 6 bucks, this peppy vacation destinations wall calendar is too much of a happy steal to pass up.
I love the way Jonathan Adler depicts circus animals. Despite my obvious love for whales, this time I'm thinking the lemon lion, or the elephant.
Your umbrella will stand out in the crowd and be easy to find in a Jonathan Adler pattern.

One thought on “Jonathan Adler Makes Me Smile

  1. that is an eraser? Ha! I might just have to start writing stuff with a pencil so that i need an eraser.. or a desk on which i can display it and not use it..

    Love the umbrellas

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