Dip Dye Delight

I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve had a real color craving–for soft dreamy pastels, dip-dye techniques, and ombre variations. Like scoops of ice cream, I love to see these hues deliciously layered. I’ve brought you some of my favorites…do you find them as delightful as I do?

This 'fizzy' glass pendant is hugely inspiring for me and has topped my wish list for some time.
I love the aqua tint of this handmade bowl.
Watercolor is a wonderful medium for the dip dye effect and lends an ethereal wash to this landscape.
Capella Kincheloe is an expert at hand-crafted ombre pillows. I love the cool mistiness of this shade, Aspen.
A bold ombre paint treatment gives fresh modern life to this classic bench.
The ombre technique applied to wood is so interesting!
There are few things I love more in this world than shimmery neutrals!
I love the subtle gradation of the gold and the brush strokes of the stripes.
Top to bottom: ABC Home Fizz Sphere Pendant; upintheairsomewhere Aqua Paper Bowl; MaiAutumn Watercolor Landscape;  CapellaKID Ombre Pillow; Anthropologie Windsor Love Seat;  West Elm Wooden Ombre Vase;  Anthropologie Ombre Polka Scarf; Rifle Paper Co. Gold Painted Stripes Thank You Card
P.S. Did you notice the ombre effect in the order of the images? ;-)

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