I’m back!!!!

Hello friends! I’ve missed you and I’ve missed this space. Thanks for holding on through a somewhat unintentional hiatus while I deal with some post-holiday craziness. Life is so busy right now, but I’m determined not to drop away again! I’ll have some nice big eye-candy posts for you this week, and I want to go ahead and direct your attention to a few things as we catch up.

First, one of my goals for 2012 is to interact more dynamically over at decorativity‘s Facebook and Twitter (and Pinterest and Polyvore…) I’m learning I don’t have to fit everything into a giant blog post every single time something happens–that I can share photos and carry on dialogue in small doses even when I’m working on a whopper of a post. In that spirit, I uploaded a Facebook album of pics I’ve been meaning to share. I’m calling it decorativity‘s favorites: People, Places and Parties! I’m excited to continue sharing these random fun things.

Second, has everyone had time to reflect on their 12 by 2012 goals? Hard to believe I started all the way in October! I’ll update soon with a post that sums up how mine went, but I’m dying to hear from the other participants. Leave a comment or write on my wall and tell me how your goals are going!

These are the things that have been on my mind. As always, I love to hear from you, so find me on Pinterest, send me your Polyvore rooms, write me on Facebook…let’s keep in touch!

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