Thankful and Inspired…

…even when I’m tired! What about you all? I’m not gonna lie, it’s been hard to find a spare moment for a while now. Life is full of good things, but boy is life FULL! I’m loving the beautiful sentiment on this West Elm platter, my favorite holiday purchase. It was so good to take a break and spend time with family over Thanksgiving. I also enjoyed reading everyone’s Facebook and blog posts about what makes them thankful. I’m thinking of displaying this platter year-round, because I need to be thankful all the time. I’m brainstorming some creative ways to share what makes me grateful, happy and nostalgic, along with family traditions and stories. I’d be thrilled if you shared yours with me!

Now onto some inspiration–when I get overwhelmed with life, beautiful interiors are a motivator and a breath of fresh air. Lately I’m drawn to crisp whites and cool palettes with rustic touches. These blogs and designers are personal favorites. Enjoy!

This reading room from The Lettered Cottage is just perfection. The pillows, the wooden wall against all the white, the light fixtures. Everything is spot on.
Milk & Honey Home, I will never stop loving you. Julie and Anisa have such a knack for cozy, layered warmth.
I want to live in this cottage from Deirdre Heekin and Caleb Barber. Then I would get to see this refreshing view every day!
Home office of a new favorite, Amanda Carol Interiors. The yellow curtains make the room, and the silhouette display is genius. I can't wait to try it!
Emily Clark is my go-to blogger for practical design advice. This is my favorite room of her portfolio. Every little detail is the right choice. That's what makes Emily excel!
From top to bottom, the sources of my inspiration: The Lettered Cottage, Milk and Honey Home, House Beautiful, Amanda Carol at Home, Emily A. Clark.

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