twelve by 2012 updates: part 2

Thanks for reading along with me as I share how my twelve by 2012 goals are coming along. Here’s part 2 of my list. It’s weird getting personal on a design blog, but I like building closeness with a community that’s given me so much! So here goes nothing.

7. Get stronger at the gym! I’ve been athletic my whole life but have gone through phases where working out is a struggle. I’m ready to challenge myself and reclaim my athleticism. Bringing sports back into my life helps me see the gym as a priority.

8. Bake and cook at least a handful of things from scratch. Define “from scratch”? I’ve gotten on some kicks where I’ve baked up a storm, but I have yet to do more than slightly embellish a boxed mix. Still, my Trader Joe’s pumpkin muffins with added chocolate chips were delish if I do say so myself :) I asked for an iron skillet for Christmas, so we’ll see where that takes me!

9. Get my hands messy with craft projects, instead of just reading about them. I’m getting there…starting with some incredibly elaborate homemade Halloween costumes the girls in our house all made. Can you tell what we are from this hint pic?

I also asked a friend to re-teach me crocheting, and as soon as I get a good rhythm going I might make a scarf instead of just a tiny square :)

10. Read at least 1 book for pleasure. Hello, Hunger Games! What a scary but fascinating series. I got hooked just like the rest of the world.

11. Continue real-world design projects. Some of these are still in the works. I’m hoping to have more availability as I move closer to my goals.

12. Get 8 hours of sleep per night. Uh…yeah, no. On the nights that I do, I feel amazing. But there is too much to do during waking hours! How do you guys manage the balance between getting rest and getting things done?

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