twelve by 2012 updates

my ideal to-do list for the new year

Hey friends, how is everyone doing with the knowledge that the holiday season is just around the corner? I’m excited, and determined to enjoy it without overdosing on stress. I’ve also been plugging away on my “twelve by 2012” goals. I have to say, I’m pleased with how things are shaping up! I really like this format and would encourage you to keep making and sharing your own goals. It’s been nice to share in a low-pressure but highly supportive environment. I made my goals tangible but broad, so they weren’t hanging over my head or dominating each week’s chore list, yet were areas where I could chart real progress. We have little over a month before 2012, but I feel ready to meet the year head-on! If you’ll indulge me, I’ll elaborate on my thoughts and progress as 2011 winds down.

1. Make my house feel more like a home. This is happening incrementally, thanks to a trip to Ikea, a few new small art pieces, and reorganizing some things I already own. For me and a lot of my friends, our 20s have been such an ever-changing time. As I said before, with yearlong leases, it’s easy to put decorating on the back burner. But this is not healthy for someone who makes a living and a hobby from decorating, because I can rob myself of the very things I value so highly. So I’m nesting with abandon, because who knows what the future brings anyway? I’m also extra motivated because I’ve been sharing little hints of my room makeover, and I’m ready for a big unveiling now that it’s all coming together.

2. Expand my freelance writing career. This is happening! Thank you Lord. It’s an exciting time.  I began writing print and online magazine features a few months ago, which has been so great. Since creating this list,  I’ve expanded my clientele to other individuals and businesses. I love writing!

3. Refresh this blog (a virtual facelift). This I can’t do on my own. Anyone recommend any affordable web designers?

4. Keep trying local restaurants and shops, using discount coupons whenever possible. Umm…I always talk about doing this, does that count? I did finally experience JCT with Whitney and Ally last week, and it was delightful. Sadly, most of the interesting restaurants on my Scoutmob list remain ignored in favor of the siren song of the Chick fil-A drive-thru in this busy life.

5. Reorganize my clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories to better see what I own, and donate all unwanted items to Goodwill. I was doing well with this, until my sweet Dad graciously brought over my 2 giant containers of winter clothes from my parents’ basement. Now I’m back at square 1 for closet reincorporation. But the influx of clothes makes me want to accomplish this task all the more!

6. Organize my design magazines, inspiration folders, and other materials. Nope, not yet. Not until I decide to fork over the $16.99 for this chic storage box from Ikea, or find a cheaper alternative.

This is getting intense people…I’m breaking this into 2 parts. Check back tomorrow for part 2 of my twelve by 2012 updates!

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