Fresh Takes on Embroidery

One trend I’ve spotted lately is turning embroidery hoops into stunning and lovely pieces of wall art. From intricate threaded patterns to printed designs on a stretched canvas, the hoop provides a perfect frame. This is not your grandma’s needlepoint–or maybe it is, my grandmas have pretty great style! But that’s for another post…Read on for my favorite fresh takes on the classic craft of embroidery.

I love constellation art, and formations of stars translate so well into embroidery
this piece places a sweet stamped phrase and felt flower on the canvas
I adore the charming combo of paint and embroidery on this piece
delicate embroidered stems are topped with vintage button buds
a unique mix of bright fabric and soft white lace
such a clever scene that looks painstaking to create
these can be personalized to the recipient's name. I love the look of ruled notebook paper
I'm head over heels for this intricate cityscape

Please click the pics to be taken to the artists’ Etsy shops!

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