March and April at a Glance

Hard to believe we’re already more than a few days into May! I can just tell that the end of spring and beginning of summer will be a whirlwind of activity. However, I still wanted to pause a moment and reflect on decorativity in March and April. It was an exciting time for me, including the chance to guest post at the blogs of 2 amazing ladies, Gab of Design Muse and Beth of Hello, Splendor. I rang in spring with a visit to a favorite Atlanta shop, the bright and cheerful Pieces. I found a new way to keep track of old memories…have any of you started using this journal? It’s been really great and meaningful for me so far. We looked at stylish ways to celebrate some fun and not-so-fun holidays. Speaking of celebrating, the artwork of Lisa Rupp and the colorful selection of LAMA both make me smile. Art Alphabetical is all the way through letter Q, and I’m so thankful to be exposed to such a talented variety of Etsy artists! decorativity kicked off a new spotlight series in April: Pillowpalooza! Stay tuned for more great pillows coming up this week and next. Finally, I want to leave you with the desktop calendar that has captured my heart for the month of May: the delightful collaboration of Shanna Murray and Rachel Saldaña. Please visit the sites of these talented ladies. How nice to think about the possibilities May will bring!

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