LAMA Designs

As I venture on this journey into the world of design, sometimes with baby steps and sometimes with giant leaps, I vividly remember my “firsts”: the first shops and artists I found and couldn’t get out of my mind. Growing in my love of well-made products and my joy in discovering inspiring sources was just confirmation that this is the right path for me. LAMA was one of these “firsts.” I was on the hunt for a laptop case and was impressed by LAMA’s awesome array of products and friendly customer service, helmed by Christine, the founder and owner.

LAMA stands for Latin America in the Modern Age, and stocks products  from all over the region, as well as from Latino artists in the U.S. As someone with a degree in Latin American Studies, this is a design venture I could get behind. I love all my LAMA products, especially my happy orange business card case that I carry with me everywhere–it gets so many compliments! With mixed emotions, Christine has announced her recent decision to move on from LAMA and embark on new opportunities. I’m excited for her and what the future holds. But I don’t want you all to miss out–everything on the site is on sale now! Please stop by and find yourself some unique, vibrant Latin-influenced pieces. Don’t wait until they’re all gone, visit today and you’ll be glad you did! You can also leave Christine some encouragement over at her fun blog. ¡Gracias por todo!

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