Making Life Less Taxing

It’s almost April 15th–I don’t know about you, but I’m not exactly known for having my taxes prepared “in advance”. I tend to dread it, put it off, and then just get it over with at the last minute. Today I’m rounding up some bright, colorful accessories that will ease a bit of the pain of doing taxes. The process may never be fun, but with these happy tools, it WILL be stylish!

1. I’m in love with the kitschy sayings on these Jonathan Adler pencils. It’s nice to have funny reminders staring back at you when you write!

2. I can always use a good notebook to keep me organized, especially one that spells out and groups the different tasks I should be doing.

3. How about some artsy page flags to mark important info? These have a great watercolor effect, and the shapes remind me of jelly beans. Speaking of food…

4. Gotta have some high-quality chocolate as a reward when you finish your taxes…or nourishment to keep you going partway through…or encouragement at the beginning…

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