My Favorite Journal

I’ve never been one for keeping a consistent diary. My mind tends to wander too much to sit down and record the events of my day. Yet, I don’t want to strain to remember my thoughts and feelings over different stages of life. I cherish the few diaries I wrote as a young girl, as embarrassingly passionate as my preteen mind could be.

I’m busy right now, so I need some structure. That’s why I’ve fallen in love with this Q&A A Day journal.

There are 365 thought-provoking questions, with space to answer each day’s question every year for 5 years. It’s a brilliant concept, and I can’t wait to see how my life changes over the next 5 years. Both serious and fun questions such as “what is your mission? or “what was the last concert you went to?” can evolve so much from now until 2015. Won’t you journal along with me and see where life takes you?

11 thoughts on “My Favorite Journal

  1. true story – i saw this post while i was at work today and loved the idea SO MUCH that i ran to anthropologie during my lunch break and bought it! thanks for the heads-up, friend!

    1. Thanks, girl! I highly recommend it, I’ve loved mine so far. And even though I got it in March, the questions are general enough that I can fill in Jan & Feb pretty much by memory.

  2. This looks like such fun. Especially because I feel like my life will be changing a lot over the next 5 years! :)

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