Recent Finds

Hey everyone! It’s no secret that this blog is my favorite place to share design purchases~those random finds that indulge the decorative side of life :) I’ve racked up some great new items that I couldn’t wait to share.

To this day, my maps and globes post is the one you have read the most! I took you on my journey of deciding how to style my spheres, and I think I’ve found something I like. I have them arranged on this bamboo platter from Ikea. They barely all fit, but I kind of like that they’re crammed in there. Playing with proportion can be fun so I’m happy with the way they’re grouped.

Remember the John Derian collection at Target? A few pieces are still available, and I got this awesome desk organizer in vintage script for my birthday, with amazing stationery tucked inside. I can’t wait to send someone a letter with a wax seal! I also have a cute birdcage coffee mug on my desk, and yep, that’s the Anthropologie twig pencil you spy :)

I also finally got an ampersand pillow! Doesn’t it photograph well?I love incorporating things that are a little bold or offbeat into my design scheme.

Speaking of which…These little creatures from West Elm are certainly different, and you probably either love them or hate them, but I love them! Lately I’ve been fascinated with the juxtaposition of Hollywood glam with rustic and organic, so these sparkly woodland creatures intrigue me. I plan on using them as bookends.

I knew I wanted a Cavallini desktop calendar, and of all their many wonderful designs, I decided to go with vintage travel posters! They’re colorful, retro and fun.

Remember my homemade mini-chalkboard? The Shanna Murray decal I’d bee craving fits perfectly and I love the finished product!

Finally, I just had to share the packaging from an Anthropologie gift card I received. It’s a tiny little notebook to write dreams and goals in, how adorable is that??

Thanks for reading about my recent finds. Have you found any exciting decorative pieces lately?

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9 thoughts on “Recent Finds

  1. hey, carla! that’s the desk calendar that i bought this year, too! i love it so much…every month i have a new vacation spot to daydream about.

  2. Gosh, I don’t know how I missed your original blog about the chalkboard stufff…. just went back and read it. Love those ideas!

    • Thanks!! We’ve got several chalkboard-related things going on in the apartment :) my favorite thing about the mini-board-art-decal is that I am not an advanced crafter, and this was really simple to make.

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