Giving Back with Heart of Haiti

I don’t know about you, but I feel very blessed. Even as I pinch my pennies, the amount of material possessions I enjoy is significant, and greater than most of the world’s population. On a blog that’s all about products, I never want to forget the people all over the globe struggling to get by with less material goods than they need. On a blog that celebrates beauty and decorations and the “icing on the cake”, I want to remember people fighting for the smallest bits of beauty among ruins–and to remember that seeds of beauty sprout in unexpected places.

Macy's Heart of Haiti

At the lavish! conference, I was introduced to Everywhere, a social media marketing agency in Atlanta run by the most smart and fun people. But the staff of Everywhere aren’t just good at what they do; they use their abilities to reach out to worthy causes. One such cause is Heart of Haiti, a collection of unique handcrafts that reflect the spirit of this vibrant country. They are made by Haitian artisans and sold at Macy’s. In just a few days we will be at the one-year anniversary of the devastating earthquakes in Haiti. These earthquakes crippled Haiti’s economy and displaced millions. But yes, there are seeds of beauty…and hope! Heart of Haiti, Macy’s, and YOU as the buyer are giving Haitians hope. How? By allowing local artisans to work in their trade, creating products that celebrate their culture, and earning wages to make a living. I’ve learned that the Heart of Haiti collection has already led to the employment of 350 local artists.

The folks at Everywhere generously sent me a product from the collection to review. This bowl is stunning–the colors are even brighter in person! It’s a well-made, unique item that stands out on my shelf. It always catches my eye!

Learn more about Heart of Haiti: you can meet the artists, watch video, and browse the selection of products, which are also available in select Macy’s stores. On Flickr you can view photos of the creative process. These items are great to get and give! Let’s use the love of beautiful products to help give others a beautiful hope.

2 thoughts on “Giving Back with Heart of Haiti

  1. I just heard you on the Digital Sisterhood show! Great post for Heart of Haiti! Thank you so much for helping Everywhere spread the word about this great initiative.


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