Design Star: Do You Have What it Takes?

So, let’s get “real” for a moment with how much I love reality competition shows. I especially enjoy watching talented people compete for the top spot in one specific field. Combine my TV and design loves, and it’s a match made in heaven. That’s why I’ve been a loyal fan of HGTV‘s Design Star since season 1. The challenges are exciting and fresh, the setup is creative and fast-paced, and the contestants are interesting and entertaining. ..and one of them could be you!

Below are the details for open casting calls happening across the U.S. For more information and instructions, visit or email <> Design Star is coming to Atlanta on Saturday, January 8th and I’ll do my best to bring you all the behind-the-scenes scoop! It’s going to be an exciting day, for sure. If you can’t attend a casting call, send in a video application! If you’re attending the Atlanta auditions, find me and we’ll chat. I just may be chatting with the next Design Star!

With all my searching for creative people and products in the world of decor, I know the country is filled with amazing talents just waiting for their big break. If you feel that you could be a good fit for the show, or know someone who is, I say go for it…you never know what may happen!

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