It’s Been a Lavish Weekend!

Hello everyone! I’m still recovering from an amazing weekend spent at lavish!, a social media conference for lifestyle bloggers. This was the first conference of its kind, and it was an experience unlike any other! I met so many fun, interesting people and felt myself supported by a huge network of like-minded bloggers, designers and entrepreneurs. We all had quite a posh time at The Mansion on Peachtree, eating and drinking delicious treats and cocktail-partying it up in the evenings. My most valuable takeaway from the experience was just the unique opportunity it afforded us: sharing a table with HGTV executives, sitting 3 feet from my idol Design*Sponge learning tools of the trade from their amazing team, and putting faces with names that I’d never otherwise get to see in person. I could go on and on, and would encourage you to check out other recaps and news on Twitter+blogs if you’re curious about lavish! But I couldn’t go without telling you all that I had a wonderful time!

Now that I’ve rested up, there will be lots of new content coming up on decorativity, including an update on my crafty gift-wrapping efforts. I told you I would keep you updated on every step of the process…can I warn you that this includes the good, the bad and the less-than-perfectly-beautiful? I mean, the finished product will be beautiful, but I teach myself crafts through trial and error! So be prepared to laugh with me as I learn. See you back here soon for decorative winter delights!

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