2011 with Jane Hancock Papers

Our first, very special calendar comes from the delightful letterpress shop Jane hancock papers. Jane hancock papers is a modern stationery and design company where robots, animals and aliens coexist in happy harmony.

I first fell for these cute and quirky designs at the Beehive Co-op, then had the privilege of meeting their creator, Rajshel Juhan, at the Indie Craft Experience in Atlanta. At the Jane hancock booth, I couldn’t stop looking at the standout letterpress calendar, and Rajshel is sharing her 2011 calendar with us today! The calendar is a collaborative work between Rajshel and 13 other designers, and it’s truly creative and different from others that I’ve seen. Each month has its own special feel, and I love the artistic representations of the different times of year.This is an extremely limited edition of 30 handmade calendars, so if you want it you should go for it! I’m so pleased to share that Rajshel also has an extra-special treat for decorativity readers…10% off anything in the etsy shop with the code DECO2010! Thanks so much, Rajshel! Show Jane hancock papers some love and head over to the shop today with your decorativity discount.

2 thoughts on “2011 with Jane Hancock Papers

  1. Love these calendars! Just thought I’d share some more paper fun… I bought the paper for our wedding invitations from this company: http://www.frenchpaper.com/index.asp

    …and they’ve just put out some fun cards, wrapping paper, etc for the Christmas season. Including some (kind of)-do-it-yourself card making ideas using free csa images…


    Merry Christmas!!!

    Check out the

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