The Thanksgiving Table: Cookware

It’s Thanksgiving week! Time to prep our homes and kitchens for lots of food and company. This week, decorativity is all about celebrating the beauty of the holiday table — cooking, baking and gathering together. First up is cookware: the dishes and accessories needed to prepare the Thanksgiving meal. Even the more practical parts of the Thanksgiving table can be beautiful.

Le Creuset is the ultimate in cookware. I love their turquoise shade, “Carribean Blue”…despite the name, I think it would look awesome next to fall colors like gold, rust and shades of red.

These lovely scalloped baking dishes are sitting pretty right from oven to table.

Grab a basting brush for that turkey! They come in a variety of bright colors. Store them in an earthy, simple bamboo canister from this line of kitchen accessories.

It’s hard to choose a favorite Thanksgiving dish, but I think in my heart I most look forward to all the pies. I’m enchanted with this adorable rolling pin and matching pie dish. Baking from scratch never seemed so fun!

Come back each day until Thanksgiving to check out the decorative ingredients for our perfect holiday table!

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