November: Moving Forward and Looking Back

Thankful Letterpressed Cards

Wow! It’s November already…hard to believe. I’m excited about this month though, it’s always been one of my favorites. Could be because it’s the month of my birth! But I also love celebrating Thanksgiving and being near family. I think you all will like what’s coming up on decorativity, too :) In the meantime, let’s recap the last month of blogy-ness, shall we:

Since our last Month at a Glance, we have been motivated to take photoslots of photos. We have explored ways to Decorate With wrapping paper and chalkboard paint. We brainstormed what to do with my blank wall, we rounded up drawer knobs, and many types of memo boards and accessories. We talked over autumn, dollhouses and the Beatles. We browsed the books on my holiday wish list and heard my cooking confessions. We celebrated balloons and pumpkins, and the Timeless Trend of birds. It was a month of connections as decorativity joined twitter, as well as the excitement of two first interviews, both learning a photographer’s Point of View and as the subject in Defining Decorativity. What a busy month…thanks, friends, for reading! You’re the reason I collapse in a happy heap after all this blogging, and not just a tired one :) On to the next!

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