Antiquing it

How about a little eye candy to get this Monday started off right? A few weeks ago, I grabbed my iPhone, my friend Ellen and her Canon and we set off to one of our favorite antique shops, Providence Antiques. It’s my fave for many reasons, but what makes it stand out to me is the artful setup of the store. These are some seriously stylish, unique antiques from all around the world, with stunning displays to match. There’s something new around every corner, and I can’t get enough of the imaginative arrangements. If you’re in the area, definitely visit Providence. It’s great for first-time antiquers too…it’s easy to navigate, not overwhelming, and filled with beautiful items and great gift ideas. Take a look at Ellen’s sharp images and my artistic attempts as we wandered through the store on a lazy afternoon :)


Decorate With: Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint has caught on like wildfire. It’s SO versatile and fun to use. Everything you paint becomes a writable surface for colorful drawings and messages. With a quick erase, you can change things up to whatever you feel. We bought a quart for our apartment and have found a few different uses for it so far. A little goes a long way, and I’m here to show you many ways to use chalkboard paint!

My awesome and resourceful roomie Sarah painted a quick board right on our wall by mapping out a square with blue painter’s tape and painting inside the lines. My other talented roomie Katy had a shelf ledge lying around which she painted blue-gray and mounted right under the board. Now it holds all our chalk!

I had this rustic 8X10 open-back frame for a while and none of my photos or art looked right inside it. The muted green frame just seemed begging for a blackboard. I painted a piece of cardboard with a few coats and taped it behind the frame…done and done! It took just a few minutes. Sarah sketched this cute scene as a placeholder…my ultimate vision for the piece is this decal from the incredible  Shanna Murray.

I’m trying to be disciplined and wait for my birthday, but I don’t know if I can wait! It will look so good front and center against the black paint.

My super-talented and crafty friend Elise recently decided her 80’s fridge was in need of a makeover, so she updated it by covering it in chalkboard paint, and documented the process on her blog. Doesn’t it look fantastic…and don’t you want to be invited to their house for dinner?

I also love seeing projects with non-traditional chalkboard colors…these fun arrows come in a variety of unique colors and are perfect for special events.

So run out and grab a can, in traditional black or any color you like. Use your imagination…any object you want to be a chalkboard, just do it by decorating with chalkboard paint!

P.S. Does anyone remember the giant chalkboard wall in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s bedroom in 500 Days of Summer? His character was an architect and it was so inspiring him watching him sketch his ideas on the wall (seen here behind Zooey Deschanel). My inner allergy-sufferer tells me this is a risky idea for a bedroom, but I love the look nonetheless :)

From CasaSugar

Color the Sky

Last night I stumbled on this memorable photo, and it got me thinking about the use of balloons in art and film. Maybe it’s just because it’s a gray day out here, but I think balloons are universally enchanting for kids and grownups alike…colorful, playful and just a bit mysterious, as they could float off into the sky at any moment.

I immediately thought of Le Ballon Rouge, the iconic French film about a red balloon that follows a lonely young boy. I bet many of us watched it in French class, it’s a definite classic.

I’m also intrigued by these charming prints of another French gentlemen surrounded by various types of balloons and bright colors. So fun!

Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Pixar’s Up, which I just saw for the first time! Up is capable of making you feel like you could soar anywhere you want to go.

I LOVE Vimeo for finding well-curated videos from the creative community. The videos are all incredibly high-quality and crystal clear. I like the abstract, minimal feel of this one (click to be taken to the video screen).

Balloons from Wave Media Productions on Vimeo.

I hope your imagination takes you up in the sky today! :)