Cooking Confessions

Hey friends! It’s another Monday here at decorativity, but I’m going to start the day off with a confession. We’re all friends here, right, so we can handle it? Ok. Cooking…it is my nemesis, my Everest, my Achilles’ Heel, my…I just don’t like it!! I don’t know why. For many people it’s an enjoyable hobby, even an art form. For me it’s simply a chore. Maybe I’m just bitter because as I type this, my kitchen is littered with failed dessert experiments. (Would anyone like a half-baked, disc-shaped muffin loaf?)

The funny thing is, I could watch The Food Network 24/7. I love reading cookbooks and recipes. I enjoy grocery shopping and buying fresh, healthy things. But when it comes to the actual process of cooking, I just can’t count it among my favorite things. Nevertheless, I still need to eat, and I still like a cute kitchen. And I respect cooking…from an observational standpoint :) So today, I thought I would bring you some products that make culinary endeavors more stylish, easy and enjoyable. These products are so great, they deserve a celebration! Maybe I’ll bake a cake…maybe not…

What’s Cooking Recipe Tin

I love this tin! It was one of the first now-you’re-a-grownup gifts I received. The vintage colors look so great on a countertop, and I love the whimsical divider tabs. Being organized in the kitchen cuts down on my stress level.

Kikkerland Bird Silicone Whisks, 2-Piece Set

Even I know that at $8 for 2, this is a great price for silicone whisks! These are the most unique you’ll find, and they even have squirrels and bunnies, too.

Fancy Flours Printed Baking Cups

You might not think you need baking cups or liners, but trust me, you’re going to want them. Trust me. Go ahead and splurge on something stylish!

Decorum Dishtowel

This dishtowel has just the right amount of quirky charm. I thought it might be a bit too much until I saw it in-store, and it won me over.

Organic Owl Tote

When you need to run to the store, grab a reusable shopping bag…it will simplify your life, and you’ll look good running errands!

Kitchen Basics Gift Set

Sadly, all kitchens must be cleaned after the work of cooking is done. Help ease the pain with luxurious cleaning supplies!

Finally, if all else fails…

7 thoughts on “Cooking Confessions

  1. hehe what a cute post!! ever since blogging, i’ve looking baking/cooking more just so i can take pics and blog about it!! but the mess after wards to clean up is no fun.. but that’s what my hubby is for!! ;)

    btw, i am new to your blog and love it!! :D

    1. Thanks Sandy! I’ve decided my ideal husband would both cook AND clean…I’ll do everything else around the house! ;)

      Thanks so much for checking out my blog…it’s exciting to hear from a new reader!! I have been loving blogging…love yours too! Glad you stopped by.

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