Weekend Update

Hey friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The internet was abuzz with fun stuff in the last few days, so I thought I would bring you some highlights to start our Monday off right.

First of all, operation Red Day was a success! I had the greatest time participating in Poppytalk’s Autumn Colors Week pool. Definitely check out the Flickr group–these are some seriously talented people who captured the spirit of autumn so beautifully…can’t you just smell the apple cider and feel the leaves crunching under your feet? This was an inspiring project, and I’m humbled and excited to share that my Berry Branches pic made it to the red day collage! What a boost :) Now I’m even more excited to explore photography as a part of my love of design.

Another thing that has kept me entertained over the last several days is from my new favorite publication to follow on twitter, Curbed National. They issued the most amazingly entertaining challenge to 6 major design magazines: An empty wooden dollhouse, a set of tiny “props”, and a week to outfit the house based on their magazine’s signature style. The results are nothing short of incredible! Curbed kept us hilariously updated on every step of Operation Dollhouse. Start here to be introduced to the project and see everyone’s props. Check out my personal favorite article: photo-documentation of the dollhouses being delivered to some very puzzled and amused magazine editors. Stay informed on the Operation Dollhouse main page to see the stunning mini finished products. I love it!

Finally, as many of you know, it was John Lennon’s 70th birthday on Saturday. To celebrate, take a look at a couple of my favorite Beatles-themed items for your home!

All You Need is Love

Yellow Submarine (thanks for the tip, Cooking Light!)

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