My Blank Wall

By now you all know that the wall above my bed features my DIY vintage  bird wrapping paper grouping. Now I need your help with a different wall! The one adjacent to my headboard, that runs the whole length of my bed, is completely blank. I have furniture on all the other walls, along with framed pictures, small art pieces, and pottery. I need something large-scale for this wall…I’m not envisioning a big art piece, but possibly a place for my inspiration boards, magazine pages, fabric samples, random fun pictures, etc. My roommates both have awesome-looking decals or painted features on their walls, and I’ve been wanting a decal for a while. I’m considering this ornate statement piece by Leen the Graphics Queen. I would get it in white with a red bird (of course) and I thought it might be fun to put things inside the frame, like a collage. But there are SO many ways I could go, especially with decals. I want this to be fun and bold, so I’m not shying away from big ideas. Check out Leen’s shop, and get back to me with what you think I should do with my blank wall!

10 thoughts on “My Blank Wall

  1. If I’m understanding you correctly, I can’t believe you haven’t thought of this! But, why wouldn’t you paint a black square to size first, (doesn’t have to be perfectly straight lines) and THEN put the decal up?! Maybe I don’t understand what you’re trying to do.

    1. I think you’re right! I’m mostly just brainstorming the best way to hang random things on my wall and incorporate a decal. I had thought of magnetic paint, but was kind of intimidated by it. But you’ve got a very logical solution by painting the square first :) I think I’ll just go for it and not be intimidated!

      P.S. I think you were with me when I got the bird wrapping paper and frames, aren’t you glad I finally put them up? :)

  2. Personally, I would stick with the nature theme. My pick would be the Cherry Blossom Tree with Dark Chocolate or black branches and white blossoms.

  3. just fyi. target is now selling some gorgeous wall decals in store. i think they’re pretty new because i haven’t seen them online. of course, i’m not the expert decor scouter like carla is! i bet she could find them (i gave up!).

  4. Could be cool to buy that decal and paint magnetic paint inside the frame. That way you can make some magnets and use it as an inspiration board + art piece

    1. You read my mind! I’ve been thinking of magnetic paint. I really want to find some “clear” paint or something if they make it so that I don’t have to worry about painting perfectly inside the lines :)

      1. I’m not sure if they make clear magnetic paint (I doubt it), but maybe you could paint another light color over the black magnetic paint & it would still work? It’s worth asking someone at Home Depot or giving it a go yourself. That way, each decal could have a different color inside of it as an accent on the wall.

      2. yeah i think i’m more worried about painting inside the lines of the decal, because i have leftover wall paint and so when our lease is up i could cover the magnetic paint fairly well. I want to make sure my project doesn’t become too messy but i still do think magnetic paint would be the best way to go! i think a trip to Home Depot is definitely in the works!! You can come too if you want :)

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