John Derian for Target: It’s Here!

I’ve been anxiously awaiting Target’s new line of home goods from artist John Derian. Now the wait is over! John Derian is a New York City artist who specializes in decoupage. I LOVE his quirky use of botanicals and nature studies. The images look like they’ve been ripped from an antique field guide.

The new Target line contains melamine plates and trays, and many other dining and decorative items. They are selling like hotcakes online. Target stores should be rolling out merchandise over the next week or so, some earlier than others. I had a super-helpful sales associate offer to let me pick from the stock in the back room. As excited as I am for this collection, I think I can wait until it’s on the shelf!   

Keep checking online if something you like is out of stock, because it may come back in. There may also be more variety in stores. As soon as I locate the merch, I’m buying, um…anything I can get my hands on! I want it all.

I will update with the goods once they’re in my hands. Happy shopping!

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