CB2 Adventure

Are you familiar with CB2? It’s Crate & Barrel’s hip, more modern and less expensive younger sibling. I’ve long enjoyed browsing their website and reading their catalogs, but had never been inside an actual store. Their latest catalog came in the mail last week and I was really impressed by what they had to offer. I had planned to post simply about browsing the catalog. But there was more adventure in store for me…

The other night I was walking and window-shopping down Highland Avenue and I saw a CB2 window display in an empty storefront. They were advertising their new Midtown location, which I had no idea was open. They even had this tiny mouse hanging out and apparently doing the hula-hoop(?).

As I moved closer to the window, I read about the new location, and that anyone who took a picture of the mouse and brought it into the store would receive a discount during the month of August. I felt like I was on a shopping scavenger hunt! I happily snapped a pic of mr. mouse and brought him with me on my trip.

The store itself is really cool, I encourage all locals to check it out. Imagine Crate & Barrel mixing with Ikea, minus a few hundred thousand square feet :) There were so many things I liked that I decided to document my trip in pictures, so you all can see the real products. Feel free to ask questions, and check out the products on CB2’s website. Next time you are walking around, be on the lookout–you never know if a hoola-hooping woodland creature will guide you to a great new store!

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