Exploring Land and Sea

Old-world, nautically inspired objects have sprung up everywhere lately in decor. I’m also noticing a trend of maps, globes, and other themes of exploration. I have to say I’m really loving it. I like the mystery and intrigue these pieces represent. The best decorative pieces have meaningful stories behind them, and these bring us back to a time when much of the world was uncharted territory waiting to be recorded on the pages of history.

I love the look of an armillary on a bookshelf, in a living room or a study. This one is my favorite of those I’ve seen because it’s relatively simple but still visually intriguing, and you can clearly see all the different lines and angles. The rings and center ball represent the rings of the celestial sphere circling the globe–cool, right?

We all remember globes from elementary school, but there are so many unique and eye-catching versions out there. I love globes with a black background, and here is the coolest one with a great price point! The map is written in gold French script–fabulous!

Speaking of unusual globes, I recently discovered the mercator, which is a tool invented by a Flemish cartographer in the 1500s. To the best of my knowledge, mercators spherically project lines of longitude and latitude for use while at sea. When I saw this decorative set of 6 in blue and ivory, I decided I had to have them! On the one hand, I can’t believe I actually ordered a set of mercators in the mail. On the other hand…I’m totally excited! I will share with you all as soon as they get here.

It’s fun for me to imagine the explorers of past centuries sitting by candlelight and pouring over intricate maps that are beautiful enough to be used for purely decorative use today. Perhaps they kept time with a clock such as this, which according to the description was invented in the 1700s to be readable by candlelight.

Finally, the person that started my obsession with maps…foundling! My very first etsy purchase was a dot ring in vintage map print. What better way to display a vintage map than by wearing it! I love staring down at my finger and imagining where the map has been. Foundling has graciously allowed me to feature her work, so check out these images from her current map-related listings, be sure and visit her etsy store and convo her if you have any questions.

6 thoughts on “Exploring Land and Sea

  1. I think foundlings had a booth at a craft fair in Brooklyn back in the spring – the whole booth took my breath away – beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!!
    … and Chris just bought a gorgeous – and intriguing – old map for our living room just last week! I’ll have to share a picture w/ you as soon as we get it framed and on the wall.

  2. I can’t wait to tell my boyfriend that he get’s Awesomeness point for buying an old globe at a local junk&antiques shop that we visited last week.

    Also, Carla, you have found your calling. This blog is amazing, and I can’t wait to keep reading. Please come visit me and help me decide how to decorate my house creatively!

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